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Recording Daily Transactions

Bookkeepers maintain the company's general and subledgers by using debits and credits.  It tracks sales and purchase transactions.  At Forte, we use could accounting software such as Quickbooks Online

Bank Reconciliations

A bank reconcliation is done at preset intervals in order to ensure that all transactions are recorded and that missing and/or incorrect transactions are also recorded. We would correct anything as required.

Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivables (AR)

Bookkeepers handle the inflows and outflows of cash and non-cash items during the recording process.

Do Payroll

We would process the payroll to ensure that employees are paid on-time and accurately. Payroll can be semi-monthly or biweekly, which would include sources withheld at source such as taxes and other government mandated deductions.

Forecasting, budgeting and Reporting

Bookkeepers can help you to establish and track budgets as well as issue cash flow forecasts as well as business unit and financial reports that can help you steer your business.


As your small business grows, so do the demands on your time. Engaging a small business bookkeeper frees you to direct your time and energy to where it’s really needed.

Key Insights

When you create an annual budget, your bookkeeper can alert you when key metrics are out of range.  A good bookkeeper can provide cashflow forecasts that project well into the future. This allows you to plan.


Our bookkeeper are built for details.  Having a good bookkeeper who will pay attention will ensure that your business’s financial dealings are recorded consistently and accurately

Piece of Mind

Rest easy knowing that your books are in order and ready to be passed to your accounting each year to file taxes and tax assessment.

Improve Productivity

Your bookkeeper or bookkeeping firm can help you to improve efficiency by suggesting improvements in business processes or new software tools.


We don't do tax accounting.  That allows us to focus on what we do best because we feel if don't, we are doing a disservice to our clients.

Over Communicate

The firm/individual will be your partner.  Being able to see things your way, provide useful insights beyond just the numbers is an important if it's going to be a great fit.

Ask Hard Questions

It seems early but asking a question like how they see the overall economy and how it affect business is a key question that will let you know if the bookkeeper will add increadible value or not.

Check Reviews

Don't be afraid to research your bookkeeper. By using the Internet, it is easier than ever to obtain review and what other are saying.

What is your Work Style?

When choosing a bookkeeper, it’s important that you consider your preferred process and schedule when it comes to working with your bookkeeper. Do you require your bookkeeper to visit your office regularly (and how often), or can your books be done remotely? This is important because not all bookkeepers are willing to do regular actual meetings.

Adapt to Account

As we work more and more on your account, we actually mind meld with you account. Thereby, we become expert at every financial detail.


We strive to answer your communication hours within the day you reach out to us so nothing gets left overnight.  You have to try to believe.

We're Online

We can work with many tools but we are exclusive with Quickbooks Online (QBO), enables us to seamlessly work together with the least amount of friction.  We know it intimately and we can suggest apps and tools to extract more out of it.

We're Technologists

We love technologies. Technology can streamline processes and information flow and capture so to reduce lag and imporove financial results. We can implement tools such as Power BI or apps that will make things so good you'll be referring us.
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