Controller Services

As an internal position, the job of a Controller varies depending on the size of a company. In a single-person operation, the entrepreneur often acts as the Bookkeeper, Controller and CFO, along with many other roles. As a business grows, the roles of Bookkeeper and Controller may diverge into two more distinct roles where the Controller begins to take on more of a strategic, managerial role. In larger companies, a Controller may oversee the entire accounting department and supervise Bookkeepers and other accounting staff.

When a company opts to outsource their accounting needs, accounting tasks are divided into two tiers: a Bookkeeper is tasked with managing day-to-day financial transactions, while a Controller takes the Bookkeeper’s work a step further, reviewing the information entered for accuracy and completeness. With this information, the Controller then provides financial strategy, cash flow management, and advice on maximizing profits and minimizing costs.

Our controllers can provide the following expertise to your business:

  • Monitoring and analyzing operating results
  • Preparing timely, relevant reporting for internal and external purposes
  • Creating general ledger entries
  • Administering payroll and benefits plans
  • Completing accounts payable, accounts receivable, and bank reconciliations
  • Ensuring compliance with local, provincial, and federal reporting requirements
  • Preparing year-end financial summaries and working papers
  • Researching, reviewing, and reporting on special accounting projects

Our controller services allow our team to take an in-depth look at the financial position of your business, analyze past and current performance and make recommendations for future improvements.

Let our Controller Services give you the tools you need to make sound decisions.