Clean Up

Is your bookkeeping data file a mess? It's a more common problem than you might think and many business owners are not even aware of it until something significant happens, such as being turned down for a bank loan, or being contacted by the federal or provincial revenue department.

How Does a Company's Bookkeeping Get Into a Mess?
While having the best intentions, many companies have staff who are tasked with bookkeeping duties, but have little or no accounting experience. Postings are done to the best of the staffer's ability, but are often posted to the wrong accounts, with improper tax coding, foreign exchange issues and other errors.

This results in the data file being inconsistent and providing the business with a less-than-accurate financial snapshot. Worse yet, it can result in inaccurate government filings, which can lead to penalties and interest.

We're Here to Help
Forte reviews the existing data file to determine shortfalls and inconsistencies. Source documents are gathered and each entry is reviewed and redirected accordingly. Bank and credit card statements are reconciled at the end of each month. True financial statements are prepared.

During this process, we put procedures in place to ensure that, going forward, your books will be accurate and consistent, such as training staff how to use accounting software correctly, posting Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, filing and preparing Procedures Manuals.

Training and follow-up reviews are provided to our clients to ensure their books are kept in good condition.

We know what it takes to make your books bulletproof, so your financials can be backed up when you need it most.


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