Covid-19 BC Government Update


BC Hydro will offer new, targeted bill relief

  • Individuals that are out of work or have had wages reduced - 3-month credit on the power bill
    • No repayment required
    • Application deadline: June 30, 2020
  • Small businesses - payment holiday between April and June 2020
    • That have closed their doors
    • No repayment required
  • Medium and Large businesses - can defer with no late payment fees.
  • Industrial businesses - 50% of payments deferred for next 3-months
  • 1% reduction on BC Hydro rates across the board

April 2 - Provincial Government Update

  • Essential Services: Those providing essential services are ensured they cannot be held liable for damages caused by exposure to COVID-19 while continuing to operate, so long as they are complying with orders from the provincial health officer and other authorities.
  • Students: Students attending British Columbia's 25 public post-secondary institutions, who are experiencing emergency financial pressures, will benefit from a one-time investment of $3.5 million in emergency financial assistance. Contact your school's financial aid office for more info.
  • Income assistance or disability assistance:
    • the Province will temporarily exempt federal employment insurance benefits, including the new $2,000 Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB).
    • Payments will be fully exempted for the next three months so people receiving income assistance and disability assistance in B.C. will benefit from these new emergency federal support programs, without any reductions to their monthly assistance payments.
    • On income assistance or disability assistance and not eligible for the emergency federal support programs, including the CERB, the Province will provide an automatic $300-monthly COVID-19 crisis supplement for the next three months.
Canadian Federal Government Covid-19 Updates
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