Canadian Federal Government Covid-19 Updates: More Help for Regular Canadians

Covid-19 Updates

Federal Government Update -- April 15, 2020

The following information is based on Prime Minister Trudeau's Wednesday morning announcement:

Wage Boost for Essential Workers
Increasing pay for essential workers who make less than $2,500 a month, including those working in long-term care facilities.

Canada Emergency Response Benefit Expansion
The eligibility criteria will be relaxed to allow more Canadians to benefit.
You can apply when you:

  • earn $1000 per month or less. e.g. volunteer fire fighters, part-time workers, contract workers, etc.
  • are a seasonal worker who is running out of employment insurance and can't find a job due to COVID-19.
  • are a worker who ran out of EI benefits since January 1st.
Canadian Covid-19 Updates: April 17, 2020
Canadian Federal and Provincial Covid-19 Updates: ...

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